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A resident of Ottawa, I’ve been involved in photography for about 40 years. Although photography has never been my main occupation, I did work for a company for 33 years during which time I was was responsible for all their photographic requirements. Most of my experience has been in photographing people, and has included:portraits, model’s portfolio work, where I've done test photos with models from local agencies. I've also done work with local musicians, and bands including cassette or CD covers for various bands. Other photographic subjects have included still life , product photography, making digital images of artist's paintings, landscapes and the occasional wedding. I've recently become enamored with the "toy camera" or "Holga" look, and have experimented a lot with that particular style. I like that style because for me it evokes a dreamy mystical timeless quality to images.
Most of the years I’ve been photographing have been in traditional film photography, but now of course it's all digital.

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